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Course Description

CIIA® – Certified International Investment Analyst

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Learning Goals

  • CIIA® deals with two major specialist areas:
    (1) The object of the Foundation part is international expertise for investment professionals.
    (2) The national section deals with the structures and legal environment of the local financial market.
  • The compact program structure is geared towards part-time participation and enables time-saving, efficient qualification in just nine months.

    The CIIA® training aims at university graduates with initial work experience and experienced practitioners with or without a university degree.

    After registration, the CIIA® Program Management will contact you regarding the approval process.

Deepen your knowledge of asset management and financial analysis with the CIIA® degree

The CIIA® is a postgraduate program for investment professionals with an international orientation. The Program deepens your knowledge in the field of asset management and financial analysis and ends with the CIIA® degree. Successful graduates will significantly enhance their career prospects and bear the title of CIIA® – Certified International Investment Analyst, awarded by the Association of International Investment Analysts (ACIIA). According to the statutes of ACIIA, successful graduates may only hold the title "CIIA®" if they are members of a national professional association of which ACIIA is a member. Such as the DVFA e.V. in Germany.

The supreme discipline for capital market experts.

CIIA® is recognized internationally by 31 professional associations as well as by national supervisory authorities such as FCA in the UK, CNMV in Spain or SFC in Hong Kong as formal proof of professional qualification.

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CIIA® English Online Program structure


The CIIA® deals with two major specialist areas: The object of the Foundation part is international expertise for investment professionals. The national section deals with the structures and legal environment of the local financial market.

The combination of these two disciplines is a particular feature of the CIIA® program. The contents and concepts of a global capital market are supplements by the framework conditions of national and European legislation and regulation. This combination corresponds to the professional environment and its requirements, as they are actually faced in Europe and also in many other parts of the world.

 > The study reference files are available for download (external link to ACIIA)


Study material

All participants receive comprehensive study material. Central to this is the manual – a textbook in English specially developed for the CIIA® as well as the learning films in studio quality (for the English Qualification Program). Participants receive sample exams, especially for exam preparation.

Using the appropriate app (iOS or Android), the learning films can also be downloaded and used without an Internet connection.


Seven modules

  1. Financial Accounting and Financial Analysis
  2. Corporate Finance
  3. Derivatives Valuation and Analysis
  4. Economics
  5. Equity Valuation and Analysis 
  6. Fixed Income Valuation and Analysis
  7. Portfolio Management

    + National

      Target Group

      The participants usually come from the following fields:

      • portfolio / asset management
      • financial analysis and research
      • investment banking
      • Trading & Sales
      • insurances
      • treasury
      • corporate finance
      • consultancy
      • Investor relations
      • accounting
      • institutional sales
      • prerequisites

      The CIIA® training aims at university graduates with initial work experience and experienced practitioners with or without a university degree.


      Learning Path

      CIIA Learning Path


      International recognition of the CIIA®

      The postgraduate program conducted by the DVFA with the degree of CIIA® – Certified International Investment Analyst is recognized by the British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The ACIIA has received the status of an official FCA provider for the partial qualification of 5 out of a total of 30 activities. CIIA® graduates who perform any of these activities (e.g., investment advisory or portfolio management) in the UK will recognize for part of the qualification required by the FCA.

      ACIIA – Umbrella organization of the national CIIA® associations

      The ACIIA, Association of Certified International Investment Analysts, is the umbrella organization of the national CIIA® associations. It has members in 31 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America with a network of 100,000 investment professionals.

      With the CIIA® program, ACIIA aims to offer international qualification at a high level while at the same time taking into account the national peculiarities of local markets.

      Further testing of ACIIA

      The valid worldwide certificate "Certified International Investment Analyst" (CIIA®) requires the passing of the Final Exam I and II of the ACIIA. Access to the DVFA learning platform guarantees for exam preparation. The Final Exams will continue to be offered by the DVFA as a member organization of the ACIIA and holds on the internationally scheduled dates.

      The exams in the National and Foundation parts take place at the local level and take place in Frankfurt am Main. The international final examination Final Exam I & II takes place worldwide in a consistent form and also takes place in Frankfurt am Main.

      The learning videos and sample exams are in English. All exam questions are in English, with the Final Exam also in English. The questions answer in English or German. 
      The CIIA® title also links to personal membership in the DVFA e.V.. 

      Please Note: After successful registration, you will receive further information about the admission procedure. You can only be approved for CIIA® after you have passed the qualification test. 


      Registration Fees

      English € 5.300,00 plus VAT.

      Booking via the registration form (PDF) 

      DVFA brochure (PDF) 

      Discount for multiple bookings on request, please send an email.

      Please note

      Each candidate and holder of the CIIA® certificate must also be a member of his national analyst association. Therefore, the application form for DVFA membership must be submitted at the same time as the course registration. Download the registration form.

      Information for Participants

      Participants need internet access, to watch videos a specific bandwidth might be necessary.  

      For German participants  
      Aufwendungen für die Fortbildung in dem bereits erlernten Beruf sind grundsätzlich als Werbungskosten bzw. Betriebsausgaben in voller Höhe abziehbar. Mehr Informationen dazu finden Sie auf der Seite der IHK Frankfurt.  

      Credit Points für DVFA Mitglieder  
      Nach erfolgreichem Abschluss des CIIA®-Programms erhalten DVFA Mitglieder 30 Credit Points im Rahmen ihrer Selbstauskunft.



      You can start this CIIA® Program version anytime after you have passed the DVFA admission process.

      All exams take place at a local level. The international final examinations take place worldwide in a consistent form and also take place in Frankfurt.

      • English
      • Duration: min. of 9-month up to 14-month study; Six exams (in-class): Foundation exam: 3 exams multiple choice + 1 national exam; Final exam: 2 exams open questions
      • Teaching Material: more than 700 videos, manuals, sample exams
      • 600-700 hrs of self-study / 16 hrs per week
      • 7 International lecturers / instructors 
      • Auf Deutsch verfügbar 
      • Downloads:
      • > CIIA® registration form
      • > CIIA® brochure


      Manuela Beck, Product Manager eLearning

      Manuela Beck, Product Manager eLearning

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